Song title Arranged by Composed by Franchises Consoles
Owlboy Félix-Antoine Coutu J. GEER PC Switch PS
Rayman 2 Justin Roy Eric Chevalier PC N64 PS
Rayman Legends J. Roy Christophe Héral PC PS Wii U XBox
Secret Weapons Over Normandy Jocelyn Leblanc Michael Giacchino PC PS XBox
Sephiroth VS Darth Vader Jocelyn Leblanc John Williams & Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy Star Wars PS
Shadow of the Colossus Jocelyn Leblanc Kow Otani PS
Shovel Knight Thomas Groenweghe Jake Kaufman PC Switch PS Wii U XBox
Skyrim VS Conan Jocelyn Leblanc Jeremy Soule & Basil Poledouris The Elder Scrolls PC PS XBox
Skyrim: The Dragonborn Comes Justin Roy Jeremy Soule The Elder Scrolls PC PS XBox
Super Meat Boy Antoine Mailhot Danny Baranowsky PC Switch PS Wii U XBox
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Jocelyn Leblanc Jeremy Soule The Elder Scrolls PC PS XBox
The Witcher III J. Roy Marcin Przybyłowicz PC PS XBox
Uncharted 2 Jocelyn Leblanc Greg Edmonson Uncharted PS
Undertale Alexandre Choinière Toby Fox PC Switch PS
Valkyria Chronicles: Main Theme Jocelyn Leblanc Hitoshi Sakimoto PS
Valkyria Chronicles: Succeeded Wish Jocelyn Leblanc Megumi Toyoguchi PS